CBU Employee Giving

Tanya Andrews and Derrick Hayes – Co-chairs of the CBU Employee Giving Program

In 2016, Tanya Andrews returned to university to complete CBU’s MBA in Community Economic Development degree. As she sat in her accounting class, she felt like her professor truly cared. He was bright and passionate, and she knew he valued his students’ success. Derrick Hayes had been part of the fabric of CBU for many years, completing a Diploma in Business Administration Technology from College of Cape Breton, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University College of Cape Breton and an MBA in Community Economic Development degree from Cape Breton University.

Derrick continues to be passionate about teaching because he sincerely cares about the students and the University that has offered him so many opportunities. He knew that by offering students a chance to succeed, he would be giving back and is always willing to do more.

Fast forward to today, and Tanya is now CBU’s Associate Registrar, Admissions & Service Delivery, and alongside her now colleague, Derrick, the two joined forces to help raise funds to support students. Both Derrick and Tanya recall the financial burden of a university education and know that their efforts can help alleviate some of that strain.

In March of 2022, Cape Breton University re-launched its Employee Giving Program, with Tanya and Derrick at the helm as co-chairs. The program is designed to encourage CBU employees to give through payroll deduction in support of student scholarships and bursaries.

Over the past few years, enrolment at CBU has increased by nearly 50 per cent, and today, our student population is the most diverse and vibrant it has ever been. Through the employee giving program, Tanya and Derrick are helping to bring together CBU’s employees and encourage them to give back in a meaningful way to ensure that our students have access to the resources they need to attend and excel at Cape Breton University.

“Service was instilled in me at an early age,” Derrick told us. “My father had always told me to give back from which you have received. I have received a lot from CBU and always want to give back to the place that has had a significant contribution to my life.”

The duo is passionate about what they know their fellow employees can accomplish. The co-chairs are generous with their time and talents because they know the impact CBU has had on them and will have on others.

Tanya had an incredible experience as a student. “As a student, CBU provided me with a unique and real-time perspective on the course material that we were covering.” Now, as an Associate Registrar, she thrives off of supporting our students in their success. “The students inspire me. I see their triumphs and barriers every day. I know how challenging it is to afford a university education – and this program will help reduce financial barriers for them.”

Derrick and Tanya started out as student and teacher but soon became colleagues and friends and now are counting on their other colleagues to ensure students can focus on their studies without financial burden. The pair share a passion and hope that others will join along the journey.

If you would like to learn more about CBU’s Employee Giving Program and other ways you can support CBU students, please visit CBU.ca/donors or contact Joey Lever at [email protected] or 902-304-3570.