The Alumni family of Cape Breton University has grown into a powerful, diverse network of more than 30,000 members across the world. As CBU Alumni, you’ve been our biggest supporters and proudly act as ambassadors for CBU wherever you are. Once a CAPER, always a CAPER.

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Always Orange

The Alumni family is made up of five institutions and 50 years of graduates. This makes us unique in our backgrounds, our views, and the impact we have on the world around us. No matter what predecessor institution you graduated from, you are all members of the CBU Alumni family.

Thanks to the ongoing support from this incredible community, current and future students like you will have even more opportunities to access a world-class education rooted in innovation and collaboration, positively contribute on both a local and global scale, and experience life on one of Canada’s most beautiful islands. A place that, no matter where they go after graduation, will always feel like home.

Now and forever, CBU.

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No matter where you began,
you are a part of the CBU alumni family.

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We want to stay connected with you as you make your mark on the world. We want to hear stories of success and share those accomplishments with the rest of the family.

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