Meet Cape Breton

Nestled on the ancient lands of the Mi’kmaw people, surrounded by pristine natural landscapes, Cape Breton University is home to more than 9,000 students from around the world.

CBU students are a special part of our island community. Our collective success and future prosperity depend on each other, and the generous support of alumni, donors, and friends like you.

The roots of Cape Breton Island — Unama’ki —go back centuries. Our diverse cultures and strong sense of community create a vibrant island atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else.

We are committed to the future of Cape Breton Island, innovative economic development and sustainability programs, and Indigenous learning leadership.

As a university dedicated to academic excellence, we must continue to provide our students with outstanding experiential learning and undergraduate research opportunities in a supportive academic environment.

We ask that you join us as we create a strong, sustainable future for our students – our future leaders – our university, and our island home.