Get to know the CBUSU Executive: 2020/21

Aug 17, 2020

The mission of the Cape Breton University Students’ Union (CBUSU) is to represent you, the students of CBU, ensuring that your voices are heard on all aspects of university life. In addition to their role as Student Government, the CBUSU runs The Pit, Caper Convenience and is home to the Caper Times, Caper Radio, the Multicultural Hub, the Women’s Centre and the Pride and Ally Centre.

The CBUSU Executive team is comprised of student leaders who work diligently to fulfill the diverse needs of the student body. Their roles are President, Executive Vice President, Vice President Promotions and Vice President Finance and Operations. We are #CBUProud to introduce you to the 2020 Executive team so that you can get to know them a little better. Amrinder, Tom, Haeley and Ryan are proud to be your representatives and can’t wait to help you thrive at CBU this year!

Meet Amrinder Singh, CBUSU President

Amrinder Singh is your CBUSU President. Amrinder is from the City of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India, and was drawn to CBU because of the multicultural student body and the beauty of Cape Breton Island. Amrinder is enrolled in his second and final year of the Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Management program. 

In his role as President, Amrinder will be working closely with University administration, along with local and provincial governments to ensure decisions are made with the best interest of the students in mind. His role also involves making sure the day-to-day operations of the Students’ Union are going well.

When he isn’t working on schoolwork or duties for the Students’ Union, Amrinder enjoys meeting new people, or having a chat with a faculty or a staff member to take in any ideas they may have for making student life better. He is honoured to be an advocate for his fellow students and ensure that decisions are being made in the best interest of the student body.

Amrinder would like the CBU student body to know that he is always there for the students, and they should never hesitate to reach out to him. A message he would also like to give everyone is to take advantage of the available opportunities both on campus and in the community, to become involved with everything. This is how students can enjoy their university experience to the fullest.

Want to chat about your opportunities as a CBU student? Email Amrinder at [email protected].  

Meet Tom Joseph Scaria, CBUSU Executive Vice President 

Tom Joseph Scaria is the Executive Vice President of the CBUSU and is enrolled in his second and final year of the Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Business Management program. Tom is from Kerala, India, and came to CBU because the Business Management program caught his eye. The program seemed very relatable to his previous work experience in operations management and finance.

In his role as Executive Vice President, Tom is responsible for advocating on behalf of the students in matters relating to academics, student appeals and other issues that protect the rights of students. He also ensures that students are being treated fairly in the University and develops programming to facilitate the needs of the students.

What drew Tom to the role was the challenge and responsibility that came along with representing the student body. When Tom isn’t doing course work or Students’ Union duties he enjoys taking photos and learning more about photography. You’ve probably seen some of Tom’s beautiful pictures on CBU’s Instagram account!

Tom’s advice for students is to listen and advocate for one another. Tom adds that he is proud to be here for students, and confident that the CBUSU is dedicated to guiding students down the right path this year.

Need help determining your path? Email Tom at [email protected].  

Meet Haeley Langlois, CBUSU Vice President of Promotions

Haeley Langlois is your Vice President of Promotions and grew up in Sydney River. She is enrolled in her fourth year of the Bachelor of Business Administration program with a major in Marketing, and decided to come to CBU because it allows her to live at home and see friends and family while pursuing her education.

In her role, Haeley is responsible for planning student engagement opportunities and events on and off-campus. This year, with the move to virtual events, Haeley will be putting her creativity to work to plan fun ways to engage the students from a distance. She also manages the social media channels for the CBUSU, organizes giveaways and responds to any messages you send to the Students’ Union accounts.

Haeley wants students to know that she is very easy-going. Anytime someone has a question, idea or just wants to chat, they shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to her!

Haeley’s advice to students is to try to stay involved even as we adjust to online learning. Whether it’s through attending virtual events, applying for distance jobs or staying up-to-date about campus announcements, it will be very beneficial to the student experience. Also, she suggests students meet new people in the CBU community and get involved as much as they can with virtual activities being organized by the Students’ Union.

Ready to get involved? Email Haeley at [email protected]

Meet Ryan Magee, CBUSU Vice President of Finance and Operations

Ryan Magee is your Vice President of Finance and Operations and grew up in Louisbourg. He is currently enrolled in his fourth year of the Bachelor of Business Administration Program with a major in Accounting. Ryan was also involved in student government during his time in both middle school and high school, so he’s well prepared to represent you this year!  

In his role as VPFO, Ryan is responsible for overseeing the Union’s finances to ensure proper management of funds, overseeing the operation of Caper Convenience and The Pit, and ensuring that the CBUSU is delivering the best possible service to students. As an accounting major, dealing with finances comes naturally to Ryan. 

When he isn’t dedicating time to school or the Students’ Union, Ryan enjoys being outdoors with friends and family, playing video games with his younger brother and visiting his girlfriend in Halifax.

One thing Ryan wants CBU students to know about him is that he is always approachable and he’s more than happy to discuss anything with anybody. He looks forward to working with the CBUSU team to ensure CBU provides strong investments in both education and student life.

Ryan’s advice to students is to get involved on campus, especially through the Union. He adds that you can meet so many people and get connected, and by doing so, an opportunity to get more involved with governance will present itself!

Looking to discuss governance involvement? Email Ryan at [email protected]