From Island to Island: Meet CBU Alumni Brent Foote

May 16, 2019

Brent on convocation day in 2017

When CBU Alumni Brent Foote came to Cape Breton from Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, for his studies, he fell in love with the island so much he had to come back! A 2017 graduate of the Bachelor of Arts Community Studies, Sport & Physical Activity Leadership program, Brent was initially drawn to CBU for the ease of transfer from his previous institution, along with the unique course flexibility.
“Something so special about CBU was the support I felt when I was trying to facilitate opportunities for leadership,” says Brent, who volunteered at numerous organizations throughout his program. He says the BACS program at CBU helped him advance both academically and in the community, preparing him for life after university.
The skills Brent developed at CBU allowed him to enter the workforce with confidence, particularly the focus on group work within the BACS program, which enabled him to work well with others toward a shared goal.
Looking back, Brent says the highlight of his time at CBU is a day he would relive in a heartbeat. “I know it’s super cliched, but graduation day was one of the most memorable days of my life,” says Brent. “I remember that feeling of empowerment; I had come to CBU as a mature student and proved that learning isn’t one-size-fits-all.”
After achieving his goal, Brent moved back to Newfoundland, but never closed the door on the idea of returning to Cape Breton. “As I was walking to class during my last semester, I remember thinking just how much the place had grown on me in such a short period of time,” he says.
We are proud to say that Brent has returned to Cape Breton and is now working as a sport consultant for Sport Nova Scotia. “I keep switching islands!” says Brent. “But this was a great career opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. I’m happy to resume my journey here in Cape Breton.”
Brent is thrilled that he has been able to bring his love of sports and physical activity to his role. “There’s power in connecting the community to sport and vice versa,” says Brent. “I am proud to help support the growth of sport here in Cape Breton.” Being back in Cape Breton has also allowed Brent to stay even more connected to the CBU community as a member of the Alumni family.
What Brent wants future CBU students to know, is that CBU isn’t just for students from Cape Breton. “It’s worth the overnight ferry, flight or drive,” says Brent. “Students at CBU get the attention they need in the classroom, flexibility in course choices and most importantly, the opportunity to become a leader.”

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