A Second Home at CBU: Sanamdeep Kaur

May 20, 2020

Bachelor of Health Sciences Alumna, Sanamdeep Kaur, recently became the first woman in her family to graduate from a Canadian university. Originally from Punjab, India, Sanamdeep learned about CBU through social media and says she was immediately impressed with how beautiful the Island was. “I was interested in the different cultures and I thought studying public health would offer great opportunities for the future,” says Sanamdeep. 

Having taken a break in her studies back home, Sanamdeep was worried that she may not get the opportunity to further her education. “I almost lost my hope to fulfill my dream,” she says. “But when CBU gave me the offer letter I was happier than ever.” Although it was nerve-wracking to move to a new country, Sanamdeep says the support she received from CBU throughout the process made her feel safe and secure. From the moment she arrived in Nova Scotia, Sanamdeep was welcomed by members of the CBU team and made to feel at home. 

Sanamdeep graduated this May and says she will always look back on her experience fondly. “This university gave me so many experiences and the Island provided countless opportunities to explore,” she says. “My favourite memories are the Diwali festival, studying in the peaceful library and spending time in the Art Gallery.”

Inspired by CBU’s gallery, Sanamdeep took up painting during her time as a student. “I felt confident at CBU,” she explains. “Like nothing is impossible if we do things with a positive attitude and dedication. The sky is the limit.” 

Although graduation didn’t turn out the way Sanamdeep expected, she says she is proud of the togetherness shown during these challenging times. “The community of Cape Breton supported us international students and made us feel at home,” she says. “This is very special because my family did not get an opportunity to come here for graduation, but they are so happy for me and they know that CBU will always be my second home.” 

Sanamdeep would like to thank Melissa MacDonald, Helen Mersereau, Nita Stepko and Donalda Johnson, all of whom supported Sanamdeep throughout her experience at CBU. “They made sure I was always on the right track and helped me every step of the way,” she explains. While Sanamdeep is saddened to leave CBU behind, she says she will always remember her time at the university and looks forward to exploring the job market here in Canada. 

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