A Science Champion in Our Midst: Meet Chantelle Cormier

Dec 01, 2020

CBU Recognized at Nova Scotia Discovery Awards

Chantelle Cormier, Chair of the Biology Department and Senior Lab Instructor at Cape Breton University, was presented with the Science Champion award at the annual Discovery Awards for Science and Technology for 2020. This award celebrates Cormier as someone who has made a real impact by promoting science and technology to the public. Cormier describes herself as an endless enthusiast for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) with a personal commitment to sharing that passion with youth. 

“I’m grateful to be recognized as a science champion,” says Cormier.  “While my greatest reward is seeing the spark for science in the eyes and minds of youth in our communities, I’m honoured to receive the Discovery Award.”

Colleagues and students at CBU, and community members across Nova Scotia, would agree that Cormier is well-deserving of this award. Well-known as a champion of STEM programs, and CBU’s faculty advisor for Let’s Talk Science, Cormier has been heavily involved in science outreach for more than 15 years, serving communities across Nova Scotia, including several Mi’kmaw communities. She is currently working on a series of integrative science kits based on phenology lessons contained within the Mi’kmaw calendar. Phenology is the study of seasonal changes in plants and animals and their relationship to weather and climate. These integrative science kits will be hands-on and minds-on, and will be developed for elementary students and presented in English, French and Mi’kmaq. This is just one example of the countless ways Cormier has creatively, and passionately, served the community over the years.

Two additional CBU faculty were recognized during the Discovery Awards. Dr. Corrine McIsaac and Dr. Peter MacIntyre were finalists in their respective categories. 

Dr. McIsaac, Associate Professor in CBU’s Nursing program, is the founder of Health Outcomes Worldwide. 

Dr. McIsaac was among finalists in the Innovation category, representing a company that has produced and launched a commercially viable product into the market. Dr. MacIsaac was one of three finalists in the Innovation category, representing a company that has produced and launched a commercial platform (how2trak®) into the market. The how2trak® platform enables health care providers to provide informed care; resulting in better outcomes for patients with skin, wound and surgical issues as well as cost savings for health systems. The company recently developed the “My Care” app, which includes a COVID-19 check-in to support workplace safety. CBU is among the workplaces using this check-in app as part of its on-campus health and safety program. 

Dr. Peter MacIntrye, Professor of Psychology, was included among an esteemed group of three finalists for the Distinguished Professional award. This category celebrates leading innovators, role models for people who choose science as a career. Dr. MacIntyre  is a strong mentor and role model for students at CBU and beyond. He has engaged numerous student research assistants at CBU, providing them with opportunities to be published, allowing them to develop their research portfolios and a passion for science and research. As one of the most cited researchers at CBU, there are nearly 30,000 citations of Dr. MacIntyre’s work. He has published seven books in seven years and is a recognized leader in language learning and communication research.

Tanya Brann-Barrett, Associate Vice-President Academic and Research, says the CBU community is proud to celebrate the three faculty members for their achievements. 

“Congratulations to Chantelle for receiving this award,” says Brann-Barrett. “She has long been recognized as a science champion at CBU and we are proud that she and the other finalists represent CBU on the provincial stage, inspiring students, colleagues and communities with their work in science and technology.”